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Found in 1994, H. K. Steel Limited (Hung Kei Stainless Steel Company) provides good quality metal material and instruments to our dearest customers. With 13 years experience, other than providing the stainless steel raw material, H.K. Steel Limited has developed a full set of water supply system and its fittings to provide the best quality of water supply.
We provide a comprehensive choice of products, include:

1.  Stainless steel tubes and pipes
a.        For the Purpose of Decoration (ASTM A554)
b.        As Potable Water System (BS6362 / BSEN10312 / BSEN10217 )
c.        For Industrial Use (ASTM A312)

2.  Stainless steel coils and sheets
a.        Stainless steel coil
b.        Stainless steel sheet (2B, BA, No.1, No.4, No.8, HL, Titanium Finish)

3.  Stainless steel wires
a.        Soft Temper
b.        1/2 Hard
c.        3/4 Hard
d.        Full Hard
e.        Spring

4.  Stainless steel welding consumables
a.        Stick Electrode
b.        GMAW Solid Wire
c.        GTAW Solid Wire
d.        Flux Cored Wire (Gas-Shielded)
e.        Submerged Arc Wire and FluxStick Electrode

5.  Stainless steel angle / flat / channel bars
a.      Angle Bar
b.      Flat Bar
c.      Channel Bar

6.  Stainless steel bars
a.      Round Bar
b.      Square Bar
c.      Hexagon Bar

7.  Stainless steel fittings
a.      Pet-Joint Compression Fittings
b.      Kenlok Grooved Fittings
c.      Screw Thread Fittings
d.      Butt-Welded Fittings

8.  Stainless steel valves
a.      Y-Strainer
b.      Gate Valve
c.      Swing Check Valve
d.      Loose Jumper Stop Valve
e.      Ball Valve
f.       Globe Valve

These products are made of stainless steel which sources are mainly from Taiwan . Good for industrial and construction uses, our product are definitely costing you less and of best quality you can get. Customers find confidence in the brand-name of H. K. Steel Limited, as we strive to provide the best for customers.